More sewing

I have been a crafty mad-woman lately. After a summer of very little sewing and creating, I have hit the ground running this fall. I attribute this burst of creative energy to the extra time I now have. My big kids are in school all day (4th & 2nd grade) and Oli is in preschool for 3 mornings each week. Baby Clio is not here anymore so time formerly spent gazing into a drooling/grinning/cooing little face now must be filled. In the past week I’ve made:
*2 birthday number shirts (with names embroidered on back) for gifts
*new skirt for Mojo
*matching skirt for her best friend
*2 t-shirt & matching underwear sets size 4/5T
*a size 1 tie dye long sleeve shirt
*2 aqua camo shirts for Oli & Mojo
*an aqua camo raglan embroidered with a dino

Oh….and I finished knitting 2 hats. I really AM a crafting mad woman.


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