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Feed the world

I am chained to the kitchen this week. It’s all my own doing but still I feel enslaved to my overzealous volunteerism. It’s parent/teacher conference week. I volunteered to be on the “teacher appreciation” committee. That means I volunteered to cook food for the teachers on conference days. So…..yesterday I cranked out a massive fruit plate and today a giant greek pasta salad. I also volunteered to provide party treats to BOTH big kids classes…..tomorrow…..treats have yet to be determined. AND I host a yearly halloween night chili party for some of my neighbors. In the midst of all this, I made three pumpkin pies –from REAL pumpkins with homemade crust and made a second batch of pasta salad so I can give it to an elderly neighbor along with a pie. I still have a bunch of side dishes to make for tomorrow’s chili party (the chili is cooking today so I only have to heat it tomorrow). Alas all this cooking needs to be done by tonight since tomorrow morn is halloween party at preschool and my afternoon will be spent at the theater with my MIL. Dracula is tomorrow’s production and I am SO EXCITED. Even if it means I’ll miss the big kids school parties and have to cook like a maniac all day today.


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Clio is coming for a visit today. I’ve seen her almost weekly since she moved into her permanent home. I am very very pleased with her new home. She is being adopted by a young couple who have been hoping/waiting/praying for a child for a long time. They clearly adore her and feel deeply connected to her and are committed to caring for her. When I saw her right after she moved out, my heart was so full of joy seeing how she gazed at her new mom and dad and her eyes were sparkling. Knowing she is happy and delighted with the people she is with is wonderful. I held her awhile. Then John held her. While she was in John’s lap, she was staring hard at my face. I looked back at her and smiled. She looked deeply into my eyes then her lower lip came out and her chin started to wobble. Tears came and she started bawling…..staring at me the whole time. While I know she is safe and loved in her new home, I also feel that she misses me. It pains me to think that she feels even a fraction of the emptiness that I do with her gone. But I know she feels something. And while I wish for her to know nothing but happiness during this transfer, I suppose this sadness is good. It is good that she has the capacity to love and miss me. It means we’ve done well by her. We’ve held her and loved her as deeply as our own. She was raised to trust and expect that her needs will be met and that life is wonderful fun and good. I know the sadness and heartbreak of our parting is part of the process of transferring this bond to her new family. Hopefully it will only deepen her bonds with them as she’s missing me, they are there comforting her and meeting her needs each day. And our continued visits, visits where I hold her and sniff her and kiss her sweet head, will remind her that she is surrounded by love on all sides.

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Complicated coat

Mojo needs a winter coat. I have been looking high and low for a classic-looking girls coat for her. She no longer fits little girl clothes even though she’s only 7. I don’t want a teenage-looking coat. Nor do I want to buy a ski coat. I want a simple, classic wool coat. Oh…..and for a decent price. After too much shopping, I have decided that if I can’t find it, it’s time to make it. Out came my trusty Ottobre design magazine( and in last winter’s issue (05/06) is the coat I want. This is my muslin — my first take before I cut into the real wool. It is made of lightweight twill and some really fun froggy fabric and will be her spring raincoat next year. Now….on to making the REAL coat.

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End of summer

The garden’s last gasp. I finally managed to wack through the mess of tomato plants in our long-abandoned garden. In spite of an entire summer of neglect, things grew. Pumpkins…..peppers…..tomatoes! A sampling of some of the produce I scrounged over the weekend:

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Some knitting love

Hats for Oli out of super-soft cotton as wool is just too “fuzzy” for him:

He’s obsessed with vikings (and pirates & knights).

And perfect for October, my lil’ punkin’

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Pirate clothes

I’ve been on a pirate clothing streak. Three separate pirate outfits for Oli. I’m losing my mind over the cuteness of the unders — they look so cute on my scrawny boy. Customs for sale in my hyena cart.

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Trash Picked Treasures

John was out walking the dog a few months ago and found this lovely gem out on the curb. It took a while to figure out where to hang it (wall right behind me when I’m at my desk). Perfect for displaying all the little gew-gaws the kids make in art class.

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