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Goin’ to A-cago!!

We’re headed for a 4 day quickie trip to Chicago. Everytime we go, I’m reminded of my first family trip to the windy city. Mojo was a toddler and a very excited traveller. She sang in the car (kicking her chubby legs in her car seat) on the way there……”I goin’ to A-cago!” for months after everytime she pretended to be driving somewhere (which was often….she’s a traveller even in her play) it was to “A-cago” to see the “serious tower”. She wanted to grow up and live in a hotel. In fact, we have a fave hotel that is known in our family as “Mojo’s hotel”. A few days of exploring museums (my fave is the FIELD museum), eating yummies, and stetching out in hotel rooms…..ahhhh…..bliss.


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