My favorite things

Each year for Christmas, my sisters-in-law and I have a very special gift exchange. We give our favorite things. The rules for the exchange are as follows:

*it must be something YOU love
*you must give the same item to all
*it has to cost less than $20

This has turned out to be a highlight of the holiday for each of us —- finding out what quirky things we have all discovered through the year (or have always used but decided to finally share the secret). And it’s really cool to share my favorite things with my favorite people.

As always, it’s tough for me to decide what to gift. My current list of favorites is:

*ginger yogi tea with stevia extract
*L’occitane en provence honey gentle water (alas….over budget as it costs $30)
*parchment paper for baking —- talk about fast cleanup!!
*fingerless gloves
*postal scale — ship from home — no need to go to the post office!! (maybe also over budget?)
*l’oreal voluminous mascara (and I’m not a big makeup girl….but I wear this)
*King Arthur Baking Cookbook — my favorite cookbook for the past 2 yrs running
*little plastic storage bins from the container store…..handy for all my little crafty bits
*Will Shortz puzzlemaster book — hours of amusement

The problem, as always, is to decide which of the above to bestow on my sistahs. Last year they got rechargeble flashlights from me…..very apropos as 2006 was a year of blackouts here in the midwest. I guess it will come down to whatever item I can find 7 others of instock before Christmas.


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