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Trash-picked Treasures

John picked up this child-sized potting bench last spring during an evening dog walk. A light sanding and a coat of paint and it was ready for use. In warmer weather, it holds a pot of flowers and provides a place to set a frosty drink while rocking on the front porch.
Looks like it’s ready for another coat of paint for this spring. Now where’s my gin & tonic?


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New Hair

I took the plunge and had my hair chopped off. It’s so short in back that pony tails are out of the question but, ya’ know what? I love it!

Short and easy. Carefree. The new me for 2008.

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Mitts for my favorite man

I know I’ve mentioned how cold it is in our house. In an effort to keep everyone toasty, I made these mitts for John. They are just the thing for him to wear in his home office — perfect for keyboarding. As much as John likes them, both he and I think they’d be even more welcome on our favorite man — his dad. So… they will go to their new home.
Time to break out the knitting needles and start another pair.

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Playing “binopoly”

with the krispy kreme pirate:
He won, of course.

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Thrift Store Treasures

We used to have a wooden drying rack which I loved. It lived on our screen porch and in the summertime was in heavy use with wet kid clothes and swimwear. Then, one day, I tripped and landed on it —- splintering it into a million sharp bits. I’ve been reluctant to replace it at full cost and have been waiting patiently to find one at a yard sale or somewhere cheap. I lucked out this morning. In my favorite thrift store, this just came on the floor — brand new! It’s the sturdiest one I’ve ever seen.
Bring on summertime and wet swimsuits. I’m ready!

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DNA has a dream….

Of being a writer one day. From his early years, he’s always loved to make up stories and draw them. As he’s gotten older and more adept at crafting sentences, he’s written more and more. A few weeks ago his teacher mentioned a local essay contest to the class. The subject was Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream of peace. DNA decided to enter the contest. He won first place. Even better than the prize ($100) was the priceless experience he had of learning even more about MLK, Jr. and how he changed his world.

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Computer Joy

For little boys…..

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