Skully hats

Knitting for trades! My friend L made me the coolest Elf Slippers ever. And then was kind enough to make another pair for Oli when he kept snatching mine to bound around the house in them. In return I knit her son a skull hat:

And when her daughter kept swiping his hat, I made her one too:

Now I need to make matching ones for DNA and Mojo. The pattern is Fiber Trends Ear Cozies —- I’ve made this pattern 6+ times in the past few months. It has short-row shaping to cover the ears along with a fun double decrease in the ribbing to make a point over the ears. There are options for a rounded top like these or a pointed top (like an elf!). You can add tassles, pom-poms, ties, etc — endless customization. Here’s the link to theskull knitting chart that I used. FYI, I used only the middle 15 blocks of the pattern.

I only wish I could figure out how to size up this pattern to adult size but the short-rows baffle me —- they seem to happen like magic as you follow the pattern — without it I’d be lost.


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