How to fix a lampshade

Several years ago, I found three lamps at a yard sale for $25. They were just my style and that was just my price. They have withstood the rigors of our pillow-fighting bedroom (the kids….not me and John, I swear) for many years but recently, one lampshade took a hit and was damaged.

I priced out new lampshades and, man, are they pricey. Especially because I’d need two so both lamps on the nightstands would match. So what’s a girl to do? Fix it herself. The supplies needed are very simple — scissors, double-fold bias tape, a hot glue gun and clothes pins:

Just put a bead of glue around the metal ring at the top of the lamp and the upper part of the shade. Press on the bias tape. Ouch! The hot glue is, well, HOT.

Glue the inside top of the lamp shade:

It dries quickly. So quickly that the clothes pins were unnecessary. Here it is — as good as new:
Until the next pillow fight.


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