Baking bread

It’s snowing again and very windy here. Oli and I are hunkered in and not planning to leave until school’s out. I decided to bake bread. The house is so cold that the only place it will rise is in front of the heat vent. It felt very weird just plunking the pan on the floor and not having to cordon off the area from Calvin. That dog LOVED raw bread. Some classic Calvin moments: when he hopped up on the kitchen counter and smarfed an entire mushroom & anchovy pizza waiting to go in the oven. Lesson learned… not turn your back on a hungry dog. And another classic: he gobbled down two pans of rising cinnamon rolls before a brunch we were hosting. Just as guests started to arrive, he heaved them all up again. Ahhh…..Calvin….the things we miss without you.


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