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Hotel Life

When Mojo was 2 yrs old, she proclaimed “When I grow up, I wanna live in a hotel!” It’s no wonder. You can swim anytime you want.

You can walk right up to the bar and order your favorite cocktail (shirley temples anyone?) anytime you want.

And the beds are really bouncy!
Cable TV that you can watch while lying in bed is an added bonus. Come to think of it, when I grow up, I want to live in a hotel too.


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Weekend Away

Guess where we went this past weekend…..

If you guessed the this museum, you were right!
The children stepped back in time for a bit.

And learned loads about our famous president. DNA learned he’s taller than Honest Abe was at the same age.
But judging from how tall he grew, I think Abe will win out in the end.

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New Hair

Mojo got a new haircut today. The ladies at the salon were oooh-ing and aaah-ing over her highlights. They happen the natural way, of course, by playing in the sun and swimming in over-chlorinated public swimming pools.
Alas, the results on my hair aren’t as spectacular. Perhaps the preponderance of gray hair disrupts this beauty treatment?

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To the slaughter

They fought over the head. The drippy icing eyes only added to its appeal.

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A Hike in the Woods

Finally, spring weather has arrived. The kids have no school this week and the great outdoors beckoned. We went hiking.

Mojo rode her “horse” the whole way. Can’t you see her posing on the rock with Mojo? No? A hint….she’s a white horse with brown spots. Her name is Starling. And though she may appear invisible to us my daughter insists she is real.

The boys needed hiking sticks. Or in Oli’s case, a batman umbrella to drag for about 5 minutes and for me to carry the rest of the way.

DNA carried the real hiking stick.

This hiking stick was handmade by my older brother, George. He made it for my husband oh, maybe, 12 years ago? I treasure it because of the care that went into crafting it and I think it’s beautiful. It has always been satiny smooth but is even smoother still from the wear of our hands. While it may appear overkill to take a stick hiking on a paved path, it lends some authenticity to my children. We’re REALLY hiking if we have a stick…..not just walking through the woods. It’s also like taking a piece of my brother along hiking with us though I’m sure he’d be cracking up at our version of a hike. See, George is a true outdoorsman who can actually SURVIVE in the woods if need be…..unlike us. We’d be whining and moping in no time flat. See…..this is at the end of our 3/4 mile “hike”.
Yes, George, you can stop laughing now.

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Little Elf Hat

This little hat has been on my “to-knit” list for a while — just waiting for the right little baby to need it. We’re going to visit my cousin E this weekend and E has recently found out she’s expecting a baby boy this summer. What perfect inspiration!
Notes for knitters —- this has been sized this down to fit a newborn with 103 stitches cast on and 15 stitches between the increases/decreases. Knit on size 2 dpns with sock yarn.

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Happy Easter!

Our day began with a treasure hunt for Easter baskets. The oh-so-clever bunny left poetic clues in eggs that led the children all around the house.
Yes…..clues were even in the bathroom. The baskets were finally found in the car (tricky, eh?). And continuing the bathroom theme, there were little plastic animals that poop candy.
Alas, the egg hunt was held inside since it was snowing (yes, SNOWING!) this morning. Brrrr. Good thing there is a lot of candy and a warm fire to cuddle up in front of.

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