Jilly Ingalls Wilder

Yes….I am a freak. I made this sunbonnet for a friend of Mojo’s. Her friend is going to be Laura Ingalls Wilder at the school’s “wax museum.” I have always loved Laura Ingalls Wilder. She is my FAVORITE children’s author of all time. As a child I pretended to be Laura for hours and hours. I wished for a sunbonnet. One that looked just like Laura’s. It’s only taken me, oh, 30+ years to get a sunbonnet, even if briefly, and a little snug, and destined to be given away tomorrow. Man, I feel like I’m stepping back in time…..to my childhood…..to pretending my days away…..to the prairie.
Photo in black in white, of course, for that old-fashioned feel.


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