Science Fair

Our school science fair is tomorrow. Being a family of procrastinators all the way down the line, it wasn’t until this past weekend that heavy work really got underway. The kids have been busting it out for the past few days. As they do more work, they find out more interesting data which, again, leads to doing more work. At the end, there’s never enough time. Mojo takes her careful handwriting very seriously. She’s handwritten about 20 pages for her log book:

DNA was up until 11pm last night working. His project has pages and pages of calculations and graphs. Notice the backwards PJs — a superstition he hopes will will guarantee a snow day and buy him more time to finish his project.

And, not to be left out, Oli has his own project board. He’s putting “sound waves” on his chart and generally pestering everyone while they work. He desperately wants to display his project and is convinced it’s blue ribbon material.

As luck would have it, school’s cancelled today! My kids have way better luck than I ever had! Let the learning continue.


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