First Day

Today was an important day for a little girl very dear to my heart. It was my former foster daughter’s last day in the foster care system. It was her Adoption Day. She is finally and officially the daughter of Julie & Randy — adoring parents who lavish her with love and tender care daily. I have only known them for a short time but during that time, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Julie grow from a tentative new momma into a fully confident and competent momma who knows her baby thoroughly. And what a brilliant and beautiful baby she is! Baby is thriving in their care —- she beams at her daddy and gazes adoringly at her mommy. She babbles and and crawls and even has started walking. Both parents bask in the glow of their wonderful girl and marvel at each accomplishment. The three of them are completely enamored with each other. They are a perfect fit and a perfect trio.

Meet Alana and her loving parents:
May today be the first of many wonderful days and years of joy. Welcome to to first day of the rest of your life, sweet Alana. You are very loved.

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