Baking Day

Today is a home day. The madness of the last week has subsided (a bit) and Oli and I have no pressing plans for this morning. How do we spend this open time? Playing with “guys” for Oli and, for me? Baking. Presenting fresh from the oven muffins — pumpkin-oat-chocolate chip-walnut (whew….that’s a mouthful!) and raspberry-banana-barley muffins. Mmmmmmm……so delicious and so good for you.

And since I got carried away and baked 2 dozen muffins, we’ll be gifting some to our friends and neighbors.



  1. Dena said


    My dh is out of town and I’m just not feeling the whole clean the house thing. I’m baking today!

    I think I really need muffins 🙂

  2. Danielle said

    I’d love to have your recipe for these muffins. Both look so, so yummy! I like to make a ton of muffins up and then freeze them. That way I can just pull them out on a whim and warm them and it is as if they were just baked. Gotta love that! I’ll post about the asparagus, but I’m a bit hesitant cause I don’t exactly know what I’m doing. I know you dig down 12 inches and put your roots in and then cover them and as they grow up you cover them again and as they grow up you cover them again until your soil is level with the rest of the yard. We are going to make raised beds for the asparagus, so I’m debating about digging down six inches and then once the raised bed is made at six inches above ground level, that will be my 12 inches needed for the asparagus. Hope that made sense. My husband works so much though, I’m afraid I’ll have to make the boxes by myself…not as fun.

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