A subtle change

Now that it’s spring, I’m kicking into gear with all kinds of little house projects. This one has been on my list for a while — painting the back of the living room shelves. The white was just too white.

A trip to the hardware store yielded a $1 “oops” can of paint in a color that matches the rug in the room. After I painted the shelves, I went wild and painted the fireplace bricks. While I’m not sure that this is the perfect color for this project (and don’t really like the bricks…but, hey, that leads to another project…..tiling over the bricks….), it will do for now.
At least until inspiration strikes again.


  1. michelle said

    Umm… I’m new to your blog and umm… I’ve never seen anyone with the same color paint that I have in my livingroom… until now. I even have an egg gathering basket like that … and is that vase cobalt? This is weird. I’m going to have to go and read more.

  2. mary said

    Hi! I’m having a great time reading your blog and seeing the pictures! It is a great window into your world and it just makes me wish more that we lived alot closer! By the way, I liked the bricks around the fire place white.

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