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Pie Day

My children have been asking for pies lately. I made quiche for dinner Monday night but, no surprise, that didn’t count. Finally, I’ve made some REAL pies.

Strawberry-Rhubarb, Strawberry-Raspberry-Rhubarb, and “Bluebarb.” The top one is destined for my father-in-law who waxes nostalgic about his mother’s pies. I’m hoping a few bites of mine will bring back the taste of spring so fondly remembered from his childhood.

The recipe is surprisingly simple —- 4 cups of chopped fruit (I used 2 C rhubarb, 2 C berries), 1 cup of sugar, 2 T of cornstarch and a dash of salt. Mix well and put in your preferred pie crust (I made my own but a roll-out one would be very easy). Dot with butter, bake at 400 for 15 mins, then reduce to 350 for another 30-40 minutes.


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Mojo and I had a “girl’s only” afternoon and went to the art museum. We made Egyptian burial masks out of paper and then toured the galleries.

While we were out, John took the boys to World War II Weekend, a living history & battle reenactment — an event that is SO not my thing and was so completely theirs.

The kids got to hunt for the brass shell casings in the fields after the weapons demonstrations. They declared it “WAY cooler than hunting for easter eggs.”

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Trash-picked Treasures

I’m always amazed by the perfectly usable stuff that people throw out. This chair, for instance.

Sure….it’s missing a leg but it’s otherwise solid and good. A quick phone call to the manufacturer (sticker right on the bottom of the chair with customer service phone number on it) and they sent a replacement leg for free.

It will be perfect with Oli’s art table.

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To the Zoo…

Yesterday was gorgeous outside and the kids had a half-day at school. Perfect for a trip to the zoo with my friend Megan and her little sweetie, Jessie. We saw lots of animals.

Sea Lions:

King Cobras complete with nest of eggs…..hurry kids, grab them before she strikes!

A dead gazelle hanging in a tree…..hmmmm…..wonder what animal put it there?

Hippos…..complete with really slimy nostrils.

And dinosaurs, of course.

Because a trip to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without animated prehistoric creatures. Yes….there were REAL, LIVE animals, too. We saw plenty of them.

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My Rockstar!

I’ve been working on drafting a shorts pattern for Mojo. Her shorts need to fit her specifically — roomy in the rear, but low rise in front since she doesn’t like elastic over her tummy. I want them to be longer than the shorts I can buy in stores, too. I’ve tried a few modifications and FINALLY, a pair that fits!

Worn with a shirt that Mojo “designed” —- she was giddy over the glittery ROCKSTAR iron-on. If only all her shirts had glitter on them. I’m off to mass-produce summer shorts now. And to seek out some more glitter for my girl.

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Hands-on Science

It doesn’t get more hands-on than experiencing an earthquake and getting all fired up to learn more. We went to the science center last night to view the seismograph from yesterday’s quakes.

There are several permanent exhibits about earthquakes there. One of them even shakes the ground just like a real earthquake. After exploring a bit and then going to the Omni Theater, we headed home and made pizzas. Definitely more fun to eat your food if you pretend it’s a head.

Or an alien with three eyes.

John and I did not eat with the kids. My teen-aged nephew was with us so he babysat while we went out for Mexican food and margaritas. And then to bed early. Not to be shaken awake until morning when the children pounced.

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Bed Shaking & Rolling

Sounds like the start of a good time, but, in reality, it was an earthquake in the middle of the night. John and I both woke up to windows rattling and the bed vibrating. In my sleepy state, I thought the windows were rattling from a windstorm until John nudged my arm and whispered “earthquake.” There was no wind. All is well here — no damage or new cracks in the house. Tonight we head to the Science Center — we want to see how this looks on their seismograph. I think a trip to the library for some earthquake books for the kids is in order too.

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