Farm Animals

In a fit of craziness, we headed to the feed store this morning. They just got in a batch of new chicks.

We decided to add a few new ones to our backyard. Look how they run away from the grabbing hands trying to pluck them out of their cage!
running away

We paid for them out of the back of a truck. The hatchery was recently flooded and the birds are on the second floor of a dank and creepy cobweb-filled barn.

Meet our new birds — Stripey, Mohawk Dude, Arby, Chubby, Stubby, Dumpling, Fuzzball, and Mouse.

They are in the backyard right now in a kiddie pool filled with straw. Until they are bigger, they will be living on the screen porch under a heat lamp at night.

And, no, they will not be house pets, in spite of all the begging.



  1. Megan said

    AWWWwww how cute! 🙂 Now I want chickens… oh wait no I don’t. We’ll just have to come visit yours. 🙂

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