Out in the driveway, stripping and getting high….

No, it’s not what you think. John and I found this treasure sitting on the curb two nights ago.

I know, it’s a mess. But it’s a mess with potential — solid wood with dove-tailed drawers. I decided to strip the finish off and re-stain it. After an hour of messing with slimy, sticky, stinky stripper, I was about ready to fall over from the fumes. Yes, this stripper is so caustic it ate my sponge brush.

Imagine what it did to my brain cells. It did remove most of the finish. Then, it was sanding time.

I still have a lot more work on this, but it’s nice to see progress.

The top, before stripping & sanding:

The top, after stripping & sanding:

Hopefully, I’ll have this fully finished in a day or so. And then when I feel like REALLY stripping (for John only), I’ll have something to toss my clothes into.


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  1. […] stain to highlight the maple wood. Alas, there were many water stains on it. In spite of lots of stripping and sanding, this piece was destined to be painted. Several coats of black paint later along with some new […]

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