Trash-picked Treasures

I’m always amazed by the perfectly usable stuff that people throw out. This chair, for instance.

Sure….it’s missing a leg but it’s otherwise solid and good. A quick phone call to the manufacturer (sticker right on the bottom of the chair with customer service phone number on it) and they sent a replacement leg for free.

It will be perfect with Oli’s art table.



  1. mom2fur said

    Wow, what a smart thing to do!
    I’ve also been known to pick up ‘goodies’ from the roadside–including the desk I’m working on right now. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, yet it was thrown out! The other night, my son brought home a beautiful wooden bookshelf left on the roadside. I, too, can’t see why these things are considered ‘trash.’
    There is a show I like called “Clean Sweep.” Most of what they toss really is junk. But they threw out a pretty nice looking chair the other day, and all I could think was: ‘all that needs is a little paint and a new cushion!’ Oh, well, not everyone sees ‘treasure’ in ‘trash’!

  2. shannon said

    man people dont throw things like that out in my area!

  3. Great find! We got a little girl’s bike last week, it is a little dirty but rides great!

  4. Mary Ann said

    I found a white bathroom cabinet/shelf this week. It screws to the wall and has 2 little glass doors. There is nothing wrong with it!

    Also recently, I picked up a Pyrex casserole dish, a plastic storage basket and a big Rubbermaid bucket when some neighbors moved suddenly leaving a huge pile of nice things on the curb.

  5. Adlyn said

    we did the very same thing. We found ourselves lovely end tables and other home decor.

  6. Monica said

    Sweet! Great job.

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