Trash-picked Treasures

This was found on St. Patty’s day with a big FREE sign on it. A beauty, eh?

Just look at that wood. And the hardware. And all the details — between the cut wood and door panels, you don’t know which way to look. And this baby even has a matching hutch. Oh yeah.

We picked it up after dark and upon inspection the next day, it was destined to go. Just not my style. I tried to give it away to several friends to avoid having to move it myself (LOL….I’m nice like that…..) but, alas, no takers. It sat in my garage for over a month. During that time, the seeds of how to transform this solid but ugly piece began to grow.

After crowbarring off the door panels and sanding them smooth, removing all the hardware (and filling all the holes with wood filler), sanding, priming, and applying 4 coats of black paint, new hardware, and having glass shelves custom cut for the hutch, it is done. Presenting our new Science Cabinet.

A perfect spot to store John’s eclectic collections and to feed the children’s minds.



  1. Niki said

    Oh how cool. We have a trash day here called Albert county shopping day. It is amazing how many neat and useful things people throw away. You have to be creative though and you definately are. Great transformation.

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  3. shannon said

    wow. where’d the third door come from on the bottom?

  4. You did a great job on the refinishing! and who ever has enough storage.

  5. Kendra said

    Wow! What a great job you did. It’s beautiful. I’d love to be that creative with free furniture off the side of the road. This inspires me!

  6. kathie said

    Wonderful job…I love what you did! I will so use that as inspiration for a furniture project

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  9. love it and its new purpose!


  10. Kammy said

    Great job ! This will be so fun to decorate !

  11. What a great transformation! It looks so much better painted black and I love that you displayed all of your science garb. It’s a totally new life for that dated china hutch. Nice job and thanks for linking to FFF. Hope to see you again!

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