Vacation – Day 1

We flew to Florida. Oli was very excited as he has no memory of every being on a plane. He woke up early and carefully picked out his clothes — his shirt has a plane on it…..even his underwear had planes on them. Just before boarding the plane, Oli pulled out his special flying hat and put it on. He also got some pin-on wings from Southwest Air which made him feel really official.

We arrived in Tampa and headed straight for the beach. We stayed at a semi-flop-house with good beach access. Check out the view:

The surf was perfect — gentle waves and soft white sand. We built a sand castle and I turned Mojo and Oli into mermaids.

Mojo quickly moved onto to swimming but Oli sat there for longer than usual, admiring his “tail”. I could tell that he was hoping if he stayed really still and wished really hard, it would become real.

And my favorite of the day:

Because a beach trip wouldn’t be complete without a muscleman flexing for the crowd.


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  1. Megan said

    Oli is so cute! Mojo looks pleased as punch in EVERY photo. And DNA, well he looks 10 and trying VERY hard to pretend he’s not having fun with mom and dad, but i bet he did!
    And you miss thang! look a that smoking hot body!

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