Final Project

School ended last week. My son’s 4th grade class was reading Willy Wonka and doing a unit on candy production. They needed to start their own candy company from assembling a corporation, choosing a president, brainstorming a product, designing a factory to produce it, and marketing it. Talk about a fun project — all about CANDY. DNA volunteered to manufacture the product at home. Here’s a taste of it:

Take chocolate, chocolate icing, and chocolate tootsie rolls……do ya’ think there’s enough chocolate in their product?

Melt all that chocolate. Pour into lolly molds and let cool. Pop out and coat with icing and dot with tootsie rolls. Let dry a bit.

Put in wrappers and, shazam!, a sugar buzz without match.

What a sweet way to end the school year.


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  1. Megan said

    i think you could have used some chocolate chips too! LOL

    Good job on your project D!

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