Technology slump

Ever feel like everything breaks at once? For the second time in a week, our phone line went dead. It was out for 2 days late last week and another day this week. I can live without talking on the phone but no internet?!? Egads! The dishwasher also died. After waiting a week for the parts (all new guts), it is finally working today. Only to turn on the air conditioner for the first time last night to have it blow lukewarm air. Hmmmm…..maybe it’s time for more freon? Let’s hope it’s a cheap fix. Oh….and the automatic sliding doors on the van aren’t working properly along with the wheels making weird noises. Last summer the transmission died on the van so each subsequent problem makes me worry that this van is on the way out. We’re hoping to keep in for many more years but as repairs become more frequent (and expensive!), I wonder if that’s wise. To top off the week, my sewing machine is no longer reliably zig-zagging or satin stitching. A problem for which it was in the shop for 3 weeks earlier this year and will likely be gone for equally as long this time. Sigh.


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  1. Megan said

    OH MY! You are having problem after problem this summer!

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