Renaissance Recap

Last weekend we finally made it to the Renaissance Fair. This fair is a HUGE event for my children and they look forward to it for months — planning their costumes, their characters, talking about what they saw last year and hope to see this year. This fair is also a huge event for me as I need to sew them new costumes each year — a project which I love. This year, I was all ready to go the weekend of Memorial Day but rainy weather and a child with the flu postponed it. This gave me an extra week of sewing so I went crazy and made myself a new outfit. 100% wool…..uhm…..what was I thinking?!?

Here’s the whole family decked out. My nephew also joins us for this event —- you can’t see him because he took the photo.

We saw lots of new stuff this year — there was a viking camp with a reproduction long boat and a guy making coins out of soapstone molds. And helmuts!

Mail is surprisingly heavy to wear.

Oli got to play with a toy crossbow.

The big kids got to try out some not-quite-toy weapons.

We saw jousting and sword swallowing and much entertainment. I saw lots of amazing and inspiring costumes, and my children saw many amazing and inspiring characters. What a wonderful day we had!

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