New Tractor

Every night after dinner at the Lodge, there is a train ride!! The train is a line of wagon cars pulled twice around a field by an old tractor. The same tractor has been pulling this train since my husband was a child. Even his brother rode this train in his youth.

This year was different. The old tractor died after the first night and my children had the luck going on the first train ride with the new tractor.

We joke that this same blue tractor will be pulling the train when they come with their children and grandchildren one day. And they can tell them how shiny and new it once was when it gets old and broken over time. Or maybe they won’t see the wear and age but will always look at it through the eyes of their childhood and see the coolest and best train to ride in the whole world.


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  1. Hi,
    I ran across this blog posting while looking for tractor information. I work for a company that sells new parts for old tractors. I found myself having a ball reading your other posts, just wanted to let you know that I stopped by your corner of the web and enjoyed my visit. If you get the opportunity, feel free to check out our blog and see the pictures of our Antique Tractor Show.
    Enjoyed my time here. I’ll bookmark you and be back.

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