More knitting

I’m enjoying sock knitting lately. I’m using one long circular needle and using the “magic loop” method instead of using double pointed needles. So much easier for me. I made these last week:

The sock stretchers (blockers?) are from my mother-in-law. She knit my father-in-law socks while they were dating — complicated argyle patterns of all sorts. My father-in-law tells me of how he remembers sitting in class at law school, looking down at his crossed feet and thinking “Now those are some good looking socks.” They saved the socks and they are, indeed, good looking…and dang well preserved since they were knit over 60 years ago!

My latest challenge is to knit two socks at one time. This is also done on a long circular needle.

These are anklets for Mojo. I can’t say I’m enjoying this process. I think it’s half that I don’t like the stitch pattern and half that I just don’t like fiddling with all the tangled yarn that happens when knitting from two separate balls. And, yes, I do realize the insanity of knitting wool socks for a child — socks that will need to be hand-washed and cared for delicately. There are just some crazy things I gotta do.

I made these booties for my cousin’s new babe.

They go with this hat that I made a while ago. Alas, I think the booties look too girlie and one is slightly bigger than the other. They are also gigantic — would probably fit a two-year old.

Back to the pink socks —- I’m determined to finish them so I can start planning some fun vacation knitting.


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  1. shannon said

    i need to learn the magic loop method! im sure one of my books or links online shows me.

    i also need sock blockers.

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