Clean Team

I am not much of a housekeeper. I hate cleaning and I’m no good at it. John and I joke that I missed out on the “clean gene” — as my brothers are very tidy and neat. For years, we had cleaning help but the past few years we’ve been doing it on our own. Well, more like not doing much of it. Fortunately, the kids are now big enough to be helpful.

He even smiles when vacuuming — something I’ve never been able to do. And he gets in all the corners and dirty spots — another thing I always missed. Maybe the “clean gene” skips a generation? For their sake (and the sake of their future spouses…), I can only hope.


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  1. Megan (mommatothebear on SM) said

    How much does he cost per hour? I could use help too and Jessie is a little too young to be of real help.

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