Even More Knitting

I seem to be posting mainly about knitting lately. Fear not. I do plan to write more about our adventures in Virginia and Chicago. I simply haven’t had a chance to do all the photo editing or time to compose interesting posts. They’re coming. I swear. So….for easy amusement, here’s more knitting.

These are my “Richmond-to-Chicago” Socks. Yarn was bought in Richmond with Nancy but knit during the Chicago trip. I made them only ankle length our of fear of running out of yarn. I shouldn’t have worried. I still have 25 grams left (out of a 100 gram ball). The pattern is Thuja.

This scarf is for my darling niece Aly who is headed off to college this week. These are her school colors and as her university is in Milwaukee, WI, a garment this wooly and warm should come in handy.

I cheated and knit this on my friend Laura’s knitting machine. The knitting was complete in an afternoon. I seamed it by hand into a tube and added tassels. Way, way quicker than I could have hand knit it.

I’m furiously knitting more socks. My children picked out “Chicago” yarn and it should keep my hands busy for a bit.

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