Best Hotdogs in the World!

On our way back from Virginia Beach, we stopped off at hotdog paradise in West Virginia — Hillbilly Hotdogs.

This place way surpassed our expectations on all fronts! It’s a hotdog stand made of buses welded together and decorated with quite a medley of found treasures. Upon entering the place, we knew we were somewhere special. Especially when my kids were immediately handed permanent markers and told to “sign in” anywhere they could find a free spot to write in the joint.

Their menu of hotdogs is long and creative with the best being the “Homewrecker.”

This guy was kind enough to let us photograph him and his ‘dog. Tempting as it looked, none of us were brave enough to order one. We did order some onion rings which my nephew and I proclaimed the best we ever ate. And all of us enjoyed our hotdogs — especially the kids meals which came in a brown sack with a lil’ jug drink and a handful of penny candy.

We dined outdoors on picnic tables with the bonus of a pregnant cat lolling at our feet. Then we had to stroll around the parking lot, taking in the wonders of this place.

Truly a one-of-a-kind experience and delicious to boot! We will definitely be back!


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