Road Trip – Richmond

After leaving the Shenandoah Valley, we headed across the state toward a suburb or Richmond, VA — home of our good friends, Wat and Nancy. Our visits with them are always fun. They live in a charming town north of the city. Train tracks run through the center with cute little shops on both sides of the tracks.

The kids love to visit because Wat & Nancy have an endless pool. While my children did not swim laps in it, they did like to hold onto the bar, let go, and be whisked across the pool.

They could have spent all day in the pool. I dare say that Wat found playing with the trio in the water even more of a workout than swimming laps.

Nancy set up an indoor campground in her den for the kids. This was to prepare them for our pending camp out in Virginia Beach.

Or maybe it was to spoil them. Nan’s campground had cozy mattresses, air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and no mosquitos or dirt. After sleeping in this posh tent for two nights, my kids had in inflated notion of what camping entails.

We spent an afternoon exploring some fun shops. The Galaxy Diner in Carytown was a hit. Fried pickles and their homemade chips rounded out our meal.

After eating, we had to go to a toy store and vintage clothes store and try on some hats:

One evening there was a concert on the town green. We walked there with chairs and blankets and stayed until dark.

Some of my other favorite highlights were walking to Ashland Coffee & Tea with just Nancy and Mojo and yummy Mexican food & margaritas at a local restaurant. DNA watched his first X-Files episode with us which was just perfect. Before we moved away from Boston, before I even had children, many, many Sunday evenings were spent watching the X-Files together in Wat & Nancy’s living room. It was our weekly tradition and I found it very fitting to introduce my boy to an old favorite with them.


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