Road Trip – Jamestown

Our day at Williamsburg was followed by a visit to Jamestown the next day. The drive down Colonial Highway was so pretty. For miles, there is nothing to see but trees and swampland and the river. When we arrived, the museum was large and air conditioned! We spent much time indoors, looking at the exhibits and viewing the film about Jamestown. Then we headed out into the heat.

The boats were amazing to us all.

I can’t imagine spending months on board one of these. Oh, how it must have tossed at sea! My boys discovered one way that the men amused themselves on board.

We walked up to the fort afterwards. I was captivated by the buildings — many had thatched roofs! My children, of course, were captivated by the armor.

As much as we liked Williamsburg, we had more fun at Jamestown — mainly because of the large, air-conditioned museum but also because of the diversity of things to explore — a powhatan village, ships, and a fort. It was a good history lesson for all of us.


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