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Monkey Girl

I am lucky. Now that Oli is in school each morning, to stave off loneliness and keep the house from being too empty, I play with my great-niece, Pie. She comes in the early morning and we wake the family together. John takes her to the bus stop to wave bye-bye to the kids and then we have some fun. Most days, we’ll do errands or adventures but last week, we sewed.

It warms my heart to see a toddler’s eyes light up over fabric. Pie helped make her skirt. She handed me pins, telling me the color of each one. She snipped threads (and fabric, and, well, anything her small scissors came in contact with…..). She pulled pins as I sewed and watched wide-eyed as her skirt was created. And then it was done!

Let the spinning begin!


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Quick & Easy Dress

This is from the Farbenmix Henrika pattern.

Oddly, when I used photo editing software to remove the camera flash red eyes, it also darkened several of the cherries on her dress. Ah, well.

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Trash-Picked Treasures

We couldn’t pass up this card table sitting on the curb. Yeah, I know it is ugly. And dirty.

But it is also functional. It’s good to have an impromptu table around for spur-of-the-moment backyard picnics. Once it was home, I discovered that the center of the table could be removed. I ripped off the old cover, cleaned and rubbed down the legs with steel wool, then applied some spray paint. Mojo used the staple gun to put oilcloth over the center panel and then we reattached it.

We’re both thrilled with the results. Last night, as I was snuggling my daughter in bed, we were musing about what our next project should be. She came up with some big and ambitious ones. That’s my girl!

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Eye see you!

Oh, the things that pop out at us when hiking in the local sculpture park.

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Clutch of Eggs

This is one day’s harvest from the happy hens.

We haven’t figured out which bird is laying the speckled eggs. And which bird (there are 6) is not yet laying. We’re thrilled that the birds are in full production. Lots of tasty omelets are being eaten in our house…..and in our neighbor’s.

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We have been having perfect fall weather this week. On Tuesday, the kids had a half-day off from school. Combine the two and what do you have? An apple-picking trip!

The orchard was deserted. The trees were loaded down with apples — so many that we could have easily filled our bags in minutes. Instead, we lingered. And sampled some of the fruit.

We came home loaded down with two bulging bags. The kids have been steadily eating through them and I have been making apple sauce, apple muffins, and baking pies. Oh, how I love fall!

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Temporary Pet

Meet General.

He was rescued from the city pound one day before his “expiration” date. He looks like a hard-core mean dog — shepherd/pit bull/who-knows-what. But, in fact, he’s a teddy bear. He has the waggiest tail and sweetest demeanor. He practically coos when you pet him.

He’s not here to stay. We’re keeping him for a few days as a favor to the lady who runs the local puppy rescue. He’ll be neutered tomorrow, then ready to place sometime next week.

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