Monkey Girl

I am lucky. Now that Oli is in school each morning, to stave off loneliness and keep the house from being too empty, I play with my great-niece, Pie. She comes in the early morning and we wake the family together. John takes her to the bus stop to wave bye-bye to the kids and then we have some fun. Most days, we’ll do errands or adventures but last week, we sewed.

It warms my heart to see a toddler’s eyes light up over fabric. Pie helped make her skirt. She handed me pins, telling me the color of each one. She snipped threads (and fabric, and, well, anything her small scissors came in contact with…..). She pulled pins as I sewed and watched wide-eyed as her skirt was created. And then it was done!

Let the spinning begin!


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  1. Nancy said

    Sorry, but you aren’t old enough to have a great-niece and you never will be!

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