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My weekend away was everything I needed. Time spent with my Nancy is some of my favorite time in the world. We walked a lot. We talked a lot. We explored the city (hello D.C.!) and explored the country (hello West Virginia!). We soaked in some culture and got soaked in the rain.

This photo was taken when we were drenched to the bones while going from museum to museum to botanical gardens to Library of Congress. Yes….we look like drowned rats but don’t we look like we’re having fun?

Life has been a whirlwind since my return. It feels good to be back in the swing of things, swirling with kid activity. Funny how a whirlwind weekend of non-stop activity with my dearest friend can recharge and refresh my soul so much more than a “relaxing” weekend ever could.


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Weekend Get Away

I’m headed for my long-overdue girlie weekend with Nancy. We’re meeting in Washington D.C. and we’re planning to dine out, browse shops and stroll through museums. On Sunday morning, we’re driving out the the Shenandoah Fiber Festival. This is a YARN festival….. everyone I mention it to thinks DIETARY fiber and that would be, uhmmm, no fun.

I shopped (new jeans! new shoes!), made lists, and have mostly packed. I need to select just the right knitting project for the plane. Decisions….. decisions.

Major props to John who will be holding down the fort for the weekend. Not only is he keeping my crew happy, alive, and entertained, but he’ll have his 2 year old niece here, too. I suspect there will be much junk food, candy, movies, flashlight walks, giggling and overall fun here. My children are almost as excited about me leaving as I am.

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More sewing for Mojo — another dress from the Henrika pattern. This pattern is quickly becoming my favorite.

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Spooky Spots

I love halloween! Not because of the opportunity to sew halloween costumes (which, oddly, given my love of sewing, I do NOT like), but because of the decorating.

This is the season where dust and cobwebs are in vogue! My house is, finally, perfectly decorated.

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Dog of Mine.

I took Cinderella to a vet last week for an x-ray to determine if she was pregnant. The vet took one look at her, felt her belly, and said “No way, no how.” So, she got spayed.

She was gone for most of the day. I worried about her and the house felt too empty. I cooked chicken for her and bought special treats. I eagerly awaited the call to come and get her.

I saw her stagger out from the vet’s, woeful and sorry looking with her head hanging low. It was then that I realized she felt lost and abandoned again. Left behind and in pain from her surgery. Bereft. Then she spotted me. Her eyes lit up and her tag started waving and didn’t stop even as she weaved and staggered out to my van. She had hope in her eyes. I had tears in mine.

She spent the evening with her head in my lap, licking my hand over and over while I pet her ears. She’s mine.

Welcome to happily ever after, Cinderella. In our house full of princes and princesses (and an occasional pretend dragon or two), you’ll be right at home.

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My five year old has been sneaking off with my camera.

The thrill of immortalizing his carefully constructed battles so he can replay them over and over is very enticing. I wonder if I’ll ever see my camera again.

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Brioche Baking

In my quest to use up my bounty of eggs, I stumbled upon a recipe for brioche.

Mmmmmmm…..a recipe that uses 8 eggs and 3 sticks of butter (for several loaves) sounds so bad. I mean bad in a good way. I trekked all over town with my niece, Pie, in tow to find the proper pans. They were gleefully purchased with some of my birthday cash (thanks, Mom!). The whole house smelled delicious when this was baking.

And because I can’t resist miniature bakeware, I had to buy tiny pans, too, so that Pie and I could have fun.

It was hard to wait for the bread to cool enough to slice. But the wait was worth it! So yummy! This bread is definitely going to be a regular now. In fact, today I need to bake another loaf since yesterday’s is already gone. Good thing I have plenty of eggs around here.

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