The puppy fairy called needing a temporary home for this girl:

She’s around 8 months old and was dumped along a country road. A gentler dog would be hard to find — when you approach her, she immediately rolls over on her back — no jumping on kids or people. The rescue group thinks she may be pregnant (she has a mysteriously pudgy belly). Another week will tell…..if not, she’ll be spayed and then ready to place. If she is, well, she may be with us a while. Which would not be bad — she loves her crate, seems to be housebroken and has stolen John’s heart. She lays at his feet while he works and whines softly when he’s out of sight. Her beautiful golden eyes are reminiscent of a much loved dog who was his constant companion. The kids have named her Cinderella, hoping her woeful life turns into a fairy tale and she lives happily ever after.



  1. Megan (mommatothebear on SM) said

    I bet John won’t let you give her up now that it’s getting cooler. He can use her instead of slippers.

  2. Nancy said

    Golden eyes & gentle disposition…. I’m sensing a match here. Do I hear someone being wrapped around a fuzzy paw? Puppies too!!! Folks tell me 2 dogs are not much more trouble than one. Hah! What do I know?

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