Bargain Seating

John and I have slowly been transforming our dining room into the science room. Bit by bit we’ve found pieces of furniture that are just our style. Our last hold out has been the table and chairs in the room. Our current table is very beaten as it was a garage sale find when my husband took his first apartment, oh, 25+ years ago. Living with us has done the table no favors. Still, I cover it with a cloth and it’s useful enough. For chairs, we were given some beautiful hand-me-down chairs from my sister-in-law. Eight of them. The problem is they are far too big and far too fancy for our taste. I cringe each time they are knocked around by my children. Truly, they deserve a much more precious home than ours. Still, we’ve been using them while patiently awaiting some chairs we like and can afford. John found them yesterday.

Our local Goodwill gets lots of items from Target. John stopped by to drop off some stuff and dashed inside for a quick look. He found six of these in their original packaging:

Original pricing from Target is $259 for a pair. Any guesses what he paid? $12.99 each. We are ecstatic!


  1. Sherry said

    Great thrift store find! I love going to our thrift stores. πŸ˜€

  2. I love me some Goodwill!

  3. what a blessing!

  4. Holly said

    That’s a fabulous deal! I’m pretty sure my GW would have priced them higher…I’ve seen Target lamps for twice what you paid for a chair.

  5. YEa – thanks for sharing. I LOVE when that happens. πŸ™‚

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