I finished these last week.

While I was working on one at an indoor playground, another mom came up to me. She told me this story.

There once was an old lady who had been sick for some time. While she was on her deathbed, she called her husband to her side. “Dear”, she said. “I must confess that in all our years of marriage, I’ve kept one secret from you. Go to my closet and bring me the box hidden on the top shelf.”

After much searching, her husband returned with the box. He opened it. Insider were two knitted dolls and a bundle of cash.

“What’s this!?” he exclaimed.

In a faltering voice, the old lady explained, “When we were first married, my mother told me that when I get angry with my husband, instead of arguing, I should just knit a doll.”

The husband, seeing that there were only two dolls in the box, was touched. He had tears in his eyes at the sweetness and love of wife who could be angry but twice in their 50 years together. “But, dear, what is all this money in the box? There must be thousands of dollars here”

“Oh, that” she said. “That is for all the other dolls that I sold.”



  1. Megan said

    Those are so cute. 🙂

  2. Danielle said

    I love it! Do you have an etsy shop? I’m going to go to the link right now to see. I will e-mail you if I can find your e-mail address…otherwise, if you don’t mind e-mail me and then I can reply cause I need to dump on someone and it’s probably best it be someone not in my everyday life. ya know? If you are up for it….I will purge my thoughts!

  3. Nancy said

    My mom used to make “dammit dolls” and sell them at craft fairs. They were stuffed dolls made from fabric scraps and had a poem printed on their belly. Big sellers with the wives in Detroit for a while. Maybe it’s time for a comeback?

    Whenever things don’t go so well…
    And you want to hit the wall and yell…
    Here’s a little dammit doll
    That you can’t do without.
    Just grasp it firmly by the legs
    And find a place to slam it
    And as you whack the stuffing out


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