The photo looks more menacing that the reality of this. These children are not stringing up a rabbit. They are training the dog.
The kids decided Cinderella would be a great agility dog so they devised their own training method. They call it “follow the rabbit”.

They set up an elaborate obstacle course for her to navigate and take turns running through it dragging her favorite squeaky rabbit toy. She eagerly follows them. In the above photo, they are teaching her to jump on command. And jump she does!

Good dog, Cindy.



  1. Randy said

    When Javon saw this picture on our computer this morning he exclaimed–unprompted–“Duncan and Oliver.” Then we went through together and identified all the kids and Alana kept saying “Mardeaux. Mardeaux.”

  2. John said

    That looks just like something my kids would be doing off of their play fort or tree house. I love your chair makeover post, and you said it’s a rocking chair? What a find! I love those projects that don’t take a lot of time or money but they come out looking like you spent tons of both. That chair turned out awesome! Read you later.

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