Still Watching

Yes, even as the sun sets, Cindy is STILL hoping to see just one more squirrel.

Having this dog in our life is a fun adventure. She’s very energetic which is a huge contrast to Calvin who was low key and sedate for his last few years. He was happy with a walk or two a day — this one could walk ALL day. John has even started jogging not once but TWICE a day to take the edge off her border-collie-mix energy.

She finds the chickens to be fascinating. In spite of all our efforts, she manages to get in their coop. She watches them. She chases them. But, she hasn’t killed any which she could have easily done by now. Maybe she just wants to play with them?

She’s great with our children — as happy to see them return at the end of the day as we are and curls up and naps with Oli each afternoon. Still, she’s slightly wary and, even when seeming to relax, her ears are always moving, in tune to our voices. She seems so grateful for the smallest kindness — a gentle pat, a sweet word and she’s rolling over and wagging her tail. Almost like she doesn’t believe this life of hers is real and we’re going to disappear. We keep hoping that her “kicked dog” aura fades (and it is….just very slowly) and that she truly believes she’s here to stay.


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  1. Nancy said

    Cinderella’s instinct is to always be monitoring you guys for the next command or request. She lives to serve and work for you. That’s why her ears are always on alert. Who knows when you might need her to go kill a squirrel for dinner? Also, I think we’ve both forgotten what young dogs are like. Always ready to go on a moment’s notice. Let’s go, let’s go!

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