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We have snow!

It snowed this week. A lot. Well, let me say it was a lot for us. My kids had two days off from school which almost never happens. They were very excited. Here are photos from the first snow day.




The next day it snowed even more! We inflated the snow tubes and they went sledding. The snow is still here and still beautiful. Right now Oli is outside playing in it with a friend. They are sword fighting and falling over “dead” in the fluffy snow. They miraculously come “alive” and a new battle ensues and another snow drift gets plopped into. I should go prepare the cocoa since I predict two wet and starving boys will be descending upon me soon. Battling is hungry business.


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Scenes from a Lazy Day

My family room, filled with light and not too filled with toys (for a change).

The kids, indulging in their one and only video game — Lego Star Wars.

Collecting eggs from the hens.

Discovering Cindy’s new escape hatch from the screen porch.

Reading to Oli and snuggling him until he falls asleep. Aaaaah! I love that his napping days still continue.

Making snowman crafts with the kids. If we can’t have real snow, we can pretend.

It seems so rare to get a completely unscheduled day but what bliss it is! Here’s to having another lazy day in the not-too-distant future.

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Thrift Score

DNA needed new pants and we found several pairs at my favorite thrift store. My kids do not mind used clothing, in fact, they prefer it. Here’s why:
Finding money buttoned in the cargo pocket! Yay! When’s the last time something new came with cash? He’s wondering when we can go shopping again.

For more fun fashion finds, visit The Frugal Fashionista.

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Timeless Toy

Many years ago, my friend

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Best Friends

These two are inseparable.
Every school day around 11:30, Cindy starts to get ready — she paces around and waits for John to put his coat on and grab the leash to meet the school bus. They wait at the corner until Oli arrives. Together, Oli and Cindy run home with Oli giggling all the way.

Cindy now sleeps on Oli’s bed and can be found curled up near him wherever he is playing in the house. Right now he’s stretched out on the floor licking a lollipop and singing to the dog. She’s stretched out beside him, thumping her tail and gazing adoringly at him.

They are alike. Both are 40lbs of joy and energy tempered by gigantic loving hearts. Cindy and Oli = friends forever!

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While cleaning out my daughter’s closet, I found a frilly pink tutu, a remnant from her preschool ballet lessons. She has long since outgrown the tutu and has lost any interest in dance. However, the tutu has found a new life.
From pre-ballet to punk rocker in the blink of an eye.

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Happy Feet

Oli loves hats and socks — especially handmade socks. He is very particular about the toes on socks bunching up in his shoes and hand knit socks have no seams at the toe. The few pairs I’ve made him are worn over and over and over. Last week, I finally made him another pair.
This morning, he was gleeful as he hopped and skipped around in new socks.

And because I had a small bit of leftover yarn, I made these:
The teeniest, tiniest pair of baby socks. Despite his best efforts they would not squeeze on Oli’s feet further than his toes. They will be set aside for a baby gift. May the baby who gets them have feet as busy and happy as my little boy.

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