A Trip to the Zoo

The weather warmed up a bit yesterday so we headed to the zoo. Mojo brought along her camera to snap photos of the animals.

There was a lot to see including a 2 week old baby giraffe. Unfortunately, the little critter didn’t photograph well. We saw a lioness up a tree.

And I mean WAY up a tree.

We joked that she was thinking of making a leap out of her enclosure. Which is kind of funny except our zoo has had big cats escape in the past. We moved on rather swiftly.

To the Herpetarium which we call the Reptile Room.

I love this building for so many reasons. For one, it is warm inside which makes it a cozy haven in the winter. It was built in the 1920’s and the details are just beautiful. How ’bout that railing? And those plants?

We spent a lot of time inside looking at each and every reptile.

Oli was enchanted by the Caiman Lizard which he decided was his special friend.

The drawing books came out and the children illustrated some of their favorite creatures.

The weather turned wet and misty and we headed home. It is time, now, for the Christmas tree and decorations to come down. Time, now, to prepare for the end of the holidays and return to our “normal” life.


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