Best Friends

These two are inseparable.
Every school day around 11:30, Cindy starts to get ready — she paces around and waits for John to put his coat on and grab the leash to meet the school bus. They wait at the corner until Oli arrives. Together, Oli and Cindy run home with Oli giggling all the way.

Cindy now sleeps on Oli’s bed and can be found curled up near him wherever he is playing in the house. Right now he’s stretched out on the floor licking a lollipop and singing to the dog. She’s stretched out beside him, thumping her tail and gazing adoringly at him.

They are alike. Both are 40lbs of joy and energy tempered by gigantic loving hearts. Cindy and Oli = friends forever!


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  1. Megan said

    How sweet! 🙂

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