Requiem for a Hardware Store

I’m planning to paint my sons’ room this weekend. Today I drove down to my favorite local hardware store to buy the paint. They were closed. For good.

To say I’m stunned would be an understatement. Yeah, I know that competition from big box stores is fierce but these guys had it on customer service. One example — when we first moved here eight years ago, I took some screen panels from my porch in to be re-screened. They had a several week backup and there was no way my order could be completed within my timeframe. Since it was slow in the store that afternoon one of the workers took me in the workroom and gave me a quick lesson on how to re-screen the panels myself. He then sold me all the materials I needed and I was able to go home and do the job. Every spring since then, I’ve gone back and bought more supplies.

I’ve bought most of my house paint from this store. These guys can match any color you can dream of. They let me take decks of paint chips home and are more than happy to shake up a can that’s been sitting in my garage for a while.

They have experts on just about any project we are tackling. Need to know how to fix a toilet? Ask them. Want to learn how to glaze a window? Just ask. Need to know what’s the best ant killer? Just ask. Looking for a special part or tool? They are more than happy to order it. Seriously, this store rocked!

And now, it’s gone. I guess it’s a sign of the times where mega-stores full of impersonal staff and imported products rule. But I see it as something even worse. Not only has our community lost this handy little store but we’ve also lost the helpful and friendly staff, leaving a hole in the community. I will miss my favorite store. In oh-so-many ways.



  1. Sheila said

    I recently went back to my hometown of Virginia Beach and was totally floored that the “Beach Hardware” that my Grandparents, mother, and then I shopped at, was still open.

    With all the recent improvements to the area, I thought it would have been torn down to make way for another beach club or upscale surf shop.

    It was thriving, busy as usual. I was seriously happy to see it still there.

    Here in Indianapolis, I don’t know of any small hardware stores that still have that kind of service. The closest thing I found is an Ace hardware.

  2. Megan said

    That’s a drag! I hope you can find another hardware store that you love.

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