It rained this week. Not a soft gentle spring rain but a downpour. My yard flooded.


The chickens were not amused.


Nor was I. Especially because it rained inside my house. Yes, the kitchen ceiling had water dripping down. Both John and I were puzzled because our house has two stories and the room directly above was dry. Clearly something is amiss somewhere but we could not figure out where.

It is no longer raining and my kitchen is dry. Can I pretend there is nothing wrong with my roof?



  1. Megan said

    OH NO! Do you have a porch line or a gutter line there? Is that where it’s leaking? It doesn’t make sense to be leaking from the roof with the second story being dry. Mojo didn’t dump a bathtub full of water out on her floor? (Isn’t her room the one above the kitchen? Or is it the bathroom? If it’s the bathroom, I wonder if the vent pipe for the sewer system has a leak around where it exits the roof and that is leaking and dribbling down the pipe into the kitchen ceiling?)

  2. Nancy said

    Probably not a great idea to ignore it. It will just happen again & again now that the water has found a path. Might be gutters overflowing & backing up under the shingles at the edge of the roof. When were they last cleared out of leaves & crap? Might be anything that pokes up through the roof, so a roofer needs to go up there and look for any signs of cracked sealants or loose shingles. How old are the roof shingles? They don’t last forever, you know. They get brittle and loose their water resistant coating over time.

  3. John said

    Vent pipes on our house have a rubber gasket on them, and I have found them cracked and leaking before. They weren’t even that old when it happened. I hope it’s that simple.

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