Knitting Frenzy

I am a stress knitter. I realize that when my life gets crazy with activities, instead of kicking back and relaxing, I go into a knitting frenzy. Last week, amidst lots of kid school projects and an insanely busy life, I needed to start two knitting project. Yes, I HAD to make a present for my mother. It was her birthday and while I know she would have been fine with whatever I chose to send, I just HAD to make something. I dug through my yarn and looked for a perfect pattern and made this, a mini-shawl out of bamboo and merino wool:


I get so much more pleasure out of making a present than shopping for one. Maybe it’s because I like handmade stuff so much. I fondly remember one of my childhood birthdays when my Aunt Barb made me a rocking chair and wishing well out of clothes pins. She painted it my favorite color – blue. I felt so special that someone would take the time to make something for me and, I hope, that by making presents for others, I am passing on that feeling. So, as my week was spiraling by a the speed of light, each day, I’d sit in my rocking chair — sometime for only a few minutes, sometime for much longer and knit as fast as I could. And as I knit, I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of the yarn, the look of the pattern, and thought of the person for whom I was knitting. I slowed down, breathed deeply and felt myself unwind as the project got nearer completion.

Once I finished the shawl I still needed to work on something so I made another string bag.


And this week is equally busy. I have two new projects flying off my needles. I’m hoping things slow down around here soon or I might just run out of yarn.


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  1. Nancy said

    I used my string bag today when we did an 8 mile hike (Yikes!). The bag is so light that it didn’t add to my burden and the wide strap helps distribute the load of the water bottle, apple, sweater, etc. Thanks for making it for me!!!!

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