Girlie Getaway

Last weekend, my daughter and I made a getaway. She had a violin workshop weekend at a university about an hour from home. Instead of driving back and forth, we decided to stay in a hotel and have some fun!

We woke up early, packed our bag, and hit the road.


We stayed at a small hotel that was fairly deserted. We had the pool to ourselves so we swam. A lot.


We made our own spa get-away by doing our nails.


Taking bubble baths and giving each other facials.


We had a grand time! And, of course, there was music. Hours and hours of it.


Lessons were for 4 hours each day and the last day had a concert. One lesson was on “fiddling” and this was my child’s favorite! She’s been “fiddling” her favorite songs ever since. I think she likes to add some sass to her music. It suits her well.

We had a ton of fun and now we can’t wait for another opportunity to get away again. My nails are starting to look ratty, so I hope it’s soon!


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  1. Megan said

    How fun! I’m glad you girls had a nice weekend away. If I remember where you were going right, you were at my Alma mater.

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