More Knitting

Since life has been so wild, I needed to knit more.  This is for my little Pie.  She specifically asked for a monkey and picked out the purple yarn.  I finished this fella and now I’m stashing him aside until Easter.


Pattern can be found HERE.


And using up some leftover yarn, I quickly made this hat.  


It screams “Autumn” to me — could be the color, could be the leaf pattern.  It was fun and fast to make it even if I won’t wear it for months.  Pattern can be found HERE.  


I just cast on some new socks for Oli and some little chicks for Easter baskets.  Even though all the activity around here seems endless and exhausting, I am enjoying the knitting productivity.



  1. mamaholler said

    Thank you for popping over to my blog! Most thanks because it lead me here… and this blog is wonderful. You. Are. So. Talented! I’m completely impressed by that little monkey, and yes, The hat screams fall to me as well.

    I love it!

  2. Kristina said

    Love the monkey!

    That hat is almost orange, almost that buttery caramel-yellow that’s been showing up everywhere this spring. I think it works for both seasons.

    Sweetfern Handmade

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