Brain Boost

In an effort to boost nutrition around here, I have started giving the kids Cod Liver Oil. I’ve added it to smoothies and now I’m trying to get them to take it off the spoon. Today, I tried Oliver. It’s lemon scented and smells really tasty. He skipped around the kitchen saying he couldn’t wait to taste the “Cobbler Oil.” I also told him it would make him really smart. He opened wide for his dose.


But didn’t really like it.


A few minutes later he came up to me and said shyly “I’m feeling smarter. It’s working.” I grinned at him knowing he was imagining super-power brains. He asked “So, Mom, who’s smarter, you or Dad?” I just shrugged at him and replied “Hmmmm…..who do you think?” He thought about it for a minute and then nodded his head at me and said “Maybe you should take some Cobbler Oil, too.”

I just may have to do that.


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  1. Megan said

    Cod liver oil?! Your poor kids. Haha.

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