April Fool!

My kids live for April Fool’s Day. They love jokes and nothing pleases them more than pulling one over on us. High expectations are set for trickery. I got them with breakfast this morning.


A dab of food coloring on the bottom of the bowl covered with dry cheerios. They magically turned blue when I poured milk on them. And the milk in the cup? Mixed with gelatin. It’s spill proof. I loved the look of bewilderment on Oli’s face as he tipped the cup in expectation of a sip.

I packed them a very special lunch today. And I’m working on dinner and dessert. “Sponge” cake anyone?



  1. Megan said

    Love it! I think April Fool’s Day is my favorite day to read your blog. What was in their lunches?

  2. shannon said

    my friend sent her son NO lunch for today. she sent empty packages…. and underneath it said April Fools…..and showed up at school with his lunch to see what he did

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