The Easter Dress

A few days before Easter, Mojo asked what her new Easter dress would look like. Easter dress?!? I hadn’t even thought about one. I had no plans to make one and no desire to buy one. Guilt got the better of me. In the one and only hour of unscheduled time last week, I popped Mojo in the car and headed to the mall. Fate would decide whether she was getting an Easter dress. And fate decided. We immediately found a gorgeous pink silk dress on sale! With a matching hat! Also on sale. And shoes. On Sale! Within an hour we had all the trapping of a princess perfect dress for an unbelievably low price. I was a very happy momma and Mojo was a very happy girl.

On Easter day, she flitted about the family party all smiles and perfect behavior until her older cousin suggested some field hockey. Off came the fancy clothes and on went the play clothes and shoes. When it was time for the egg hunt, I realized I had no photos of my princess. I suggested a change back into the fancy wear. As you can see from these pictures, it was the wrong thing to ask.



And while the perfect princess looked gorgeous and behaved so well in her dress, the pouting princess is the girl I know and love. She’s a girl who’s more comfy in shorts and sneakers and who’d rather run and play. A girl full of attitude and sass with a big and loving heart! —- now that’s my princess!


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  1. Megan said

    She looks lovely!

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