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Tiny Knitting

We are getting excited about the new Harry Potter movie coming out next month. In anticipation, we’re re-reading the books and plan to re-watch all the movies (again!). My contribution to the increasing mania is this.


Mini-Harry. To give you an idea of just how small this guy is, here is a photo with my morning coffee.


He was pinned to Mojo’s pocket and they’re off for a field trip today. Luck (or maybe magic) is needed to ensure that he returns home with her.

The well-written and fun pattern for a basic little dude can be found HERE. To make Harry, I just let my imagination and yarn scraps go wild. More wildness is in store since my kids are clamoring for the rest of the cast. I’d best pull out my magic wands (er….knitting needles) and get started!


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Tacky Day

Yesterday was Tacky Day at school. Each child pulled together an outfit that they believed was outrageous.


I find it amusing that Oli’s definition of tacky is wearing a hawaiian shirt, shorts, swim goggles and a hat. He looks like a typical tourist to me. Perhaps he, most of all, nailed the theme.

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Knitting Lessons

Mojo and I went yarn shopping yesterday. She wants to knit more this summer so we decided on a simple project and selected yarn. I cast on for her and she’s off and knitting. When she came home from school today she breathlessly asked if she could sit on the porch and knit with me for a while.

There’s nothing I’d rather do, sweet daughter. Here’s to a summer of porch knitting. I can hardly wait!

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It’s War!


We’re really lucky to have managed to keep chickens for years without intruders. Our luck has run out. Yesterday, upon awakening the coop door was wide open. Chickens were wandering all over our (and our neighbor’s) yard. In the bird’s fenced enclosure there was a pile of feathers and two feet. Looks like my girls had a nighttime visitor from Mr. Raccoon.

We shored up security in the Egg Chalet. I added more hardware to both the entrance and hen door.


They will be securely padlocked in at night. I don’t think Mr. Raccoon can manage a lock and key. Take that!

Here’s a photo of the new chicks. They change so much in a few weeks.


We are down to five chicks. One was smooshed by it’s mates. Another suffered a fall during play with a child. And one became fine dining for Mr. Raccoon. We’re doing our best at this point to make sure these gals make it to maturity. It’s a battle between us and Mr. Raccoon — what will get eaten first, the chicken or the egg — we’re pulling for the egg.

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Where I am

This is how I’m spending my afternoons.


I’m basking in the beautiful weather and enjoying these last few afternoons alone with Oli. Soon, school will be out and my attention will be divided among all three. Afternoons will be filled with adventures and swimming, picnics and running in the park. Now is the time to kick back and relax. Time to recharge before the full speed of summer break is upon us.

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Training Wheels

Oli is a timid biker. He gleefully rides a trail-a-bike attached to John but is reluctant to lose the training wheels on his bike. He’s just not ready to be such a big boy yet.


I guess I should relax about it since I’m not ready for him to be so big either. These years, they are passing way too quickly. In no time, I’m sure he’ll be training-wheel free, biking away from me as I stand there and wonder what the rush was all about.

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New Chicks

Over the weekend we got new chicks. We intended to bring only four home but there were so many cute ones and much begging so we brought home eight. Alas, after one day, we are down to seven. Who knows how many will survive our care to become laying hens.

Mojo is beyond thrilled. She’s my chicken girl. She studies them and mothers them and knows each bird individually.

Someone else in our house is also studying them.


I suspect it’s not their personalities she’s interested in.

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